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​The name Cunamacué is a reminder that the work we do is based on ancestral roots, one to be left for future generations.  The word Macué is representative of the ancestors; it is a stream in Mozambique, one of the places from which Africans were uprooted and taken to Perú. Cuna is the Spanish word for crib, representing future generations.

Cunamacué based in Oakland, California, was funded by artistic director Carmen Román.  The company promotes the continuity of Afro-Peruvian culture, representing it not as a point in time, but as a living, vibrant and evolving form whose music and dance can be used as a means of contemporary expression.  Adapting to its new environment, the San Francisco Bay Area, Cunamacué uses Afro-Peruvian movement vocabulary as well as movements inspired by modern dance and dances of the African Diaspora.


Cunamacué has performed locally and abroad having had the pleasure to collaborate with local and international artists to create original compositions in both music and dance.


"The sense of women celebrating power and conviviality...Cunamacué...with the Afro-Peruvian Zamacueca, sometimes a courting dance, here an exuberant celebration of the female pelvis..."​

Dance Magazine

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