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Huellas is an Afro-Peruvian dance theater performance co-created by Carmen Román and Pierr Padilla Vasquez. 


It is inspired by the ancestral dance Son de los Diablos. The Son de los Diablos is the first manifestation of resilience for African descendants in Peru. It represents a fight for culture and identity and a way to keep ancestral memory alive. We will share a story of decolonization, resistance and of connecting to ancestral memory. 


Huellas centers Afro-Peruvian rhythms, instruments, and dances to bring visibility to the African Diaspora in Latinx communities. Our project highlights the history, existence, resistance, and cultural contributions of people of African ancestry in Peru as a way to reclaim and remember a history that is often invisibilized.

Next showing of Huellas is April 20 & 21 at Brava Theater. Find out more here.

Photo by Robbie Sweeny
Photo by Robbie Sweeny
Photo by Robbie Sweeny
Photo by Robbie Sweeny
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